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How to get TG Token & TG Channel ID ?

✅ Open telegram and search @BotFather

✅ Now type /newbot and press enter.

✅ Enter name of BOT whatever you want and press enter (Ex. webhook).

✅ Now enter username for bot followed by _bot (Ex. webhook_bot) and press enter.

✅ Now, an ACCESS TOKEN is shown on screen, copy that in safe place for further use (Ex.1273118767:AAEaA487SQ3eMzpLt0P1xD-o6inbZ4kkqdc)

✅ Now, Create a new Group and Add the newly created bot into it and grant it Admin Permission.

✅ Send any message in your newly created group (Ex. hi bot)

✅ Goto web browser and enter this url to get your chat id

✅ Replace with access token you recently generated and complete URL will look like this

✅ You will get response like this {"ok":true,"result":[{"update_id":213618866, "channel_post":{"message_id":143,"chat":{"id":-1001274956730,"title":"YOUR CHANNEL NAME","username":"webhook_bot","type":"channel"},"date":1600283677,"text":"hi bot"}}]}

✅ We will copy the chat id only from all of this above response from ("chat":{"id":-1001274956730)) In This -1001274956730 is the chat ID, save this for further use.

✅ Cheers !! Your Telegram Group and BOT is created for webhook alerts.